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Please remember me and all the information you have received from this website when deciding to purchase mermaids and fish!

Established in 1938 in Bedford, Ohio, the National Potteries Corporation, otherwise known as Napco, imported various styles of ceramic, glass, and china giftware. Napco is known more for their headvases than mermaids.  Irwin Garber, who would later launch INARCO, joined the company in the mid-40s and spearheaded its development of head vases. Owned and operated in the Midwest, Napco distributed a variety of collectibles. The company used a wide array of marks - some transfer marks and some paper labels. The paper labels feature various wording, such as: "A Napco Collection," "Napco originals by Giftware," "National Potteries Co., Cleveland, OH, Made in Japan," and "Napcoware, Import Japan."

Napco made a couple mermaid bath sets.  One was called the Princess pattern and the other called the Tusoany pattern.  They both were made very simple with just gold highlighting on the pieces, gold tails and dots for eyes, but there are very distinct differences in the patterns.  The Princess pattern has a mermaid with crown.  There is a rhinestone in the center of the crown and the pieces are white.  The Tusoany pattern was gray/white... to represent an alabaster finish.  The mermaid has shorter hair and holds a pearl.  The pieces below show an example of each and the markings on the bottom.  A lot of these pieces no longer have the inkmarking so I suppose either it wasn't put on them all.

This is a pretty set of Napco Wall pockets.  Both came iun either a greenish or orange tailfin.  They are around 8" tall and the number S1490 and Napcoware label is on the back of each piece.

This is a pretty set of mermaids that are about 5.5" tall or wide.  These evidently were made in Japan and then distributed by both Napco and Norcrest.  The Napco ones have the number 5834A on the back and the Norcrest ones have the number P300 on the back.  .